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Q.U.B David Kerr Building Belfast

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Client: Queens University Belfast

QUB ? David Keir Building Is a Grade B1 listed building situated on the Stranmillis Road in Belfast. The work within the building required coordinated deliveries to maintain progress on site in an extremely tight program. Plant deliveries and material deliveries to the building were programmed to minimize any disruption to the client operations and traffic within a very busy area of south west Belfast. The project consisted of major refurbishment on all levels of the building with replacement and upgrade of all major services including medical gases and research gases along with standard services requirements. The building featured several research labs along with several teaching labs, lecture rooms, study rooms and small Library areas which required upgrading. The introduction of new services to all these areas was undertaken and the new services coordinated around all the existing building features as required. The building was designed with multi services including heating, ventilation, gases, sanitary and plumbing services to all areas. Major co?ordination issues were encountered due to restricted heights and existing building structures. The construction team had several co?ordination issues which were overcome with close co?operation between the designers and contractors.

This Project was completed on time and within the Client BudgetDownload project document