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This project is located in the Belfast City Hospital compound, directly behind the Micro Biology Centre at the Lisburn Road. The project involved a refurbishment of several laboratories on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building. All of the works had to be carried out during normal working hours for security reasons but has to maintain the normal function of the rest of the building during the contract period. The mechanical services installation comprised of an AHU supplying the laboratories with a 3 pipe VRF air conditioning system, radiators for added heating in the smaller office areas, medical gases and 7No. Fume cupboards with fume extract fans and solvent cabinets in each. The laboratories had to be under negative pressure at all times and the controls installation was a very time consuming and complex period of the project that involved 2 weeks of organisation between all of the construction and design team to complete.
This project was completed on time and within budget with enough money in the original budget to carry out 3 minor works projects in different areas of the University, involving air conditioning systems, replacing of plant items and heating installation refurbishments.Download project document