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Client: Woods and Westlands Trust

Full Mechanical Services installation to the new build project Visitor Centre and upgrading works. During construction the services to the occupied areas had to be maintained at all times. Permit to work systems were put in place to ensure no unauthorized interruptions to existing services.

The Mechanical Services installation within the new Visitor Centre comprised of many renewable energy technologies including the installation of a Biomass Boiler (185kw) providing the LTHW heating system load and a Solar Panel installation providing the domestic hot water supply throughout the Centre. The workshop area was also a new build aspect of the project incorporating a rainwater harvesting system feeding the WC areas. This is a low cost and sustainable method of providing this service and has been working well now for 1 year. The heating has been provided by a radiator heating circuit throughout the individual rooms, with all pipework being concealed to provide a cosmetically pleasing installation for the client. The workshop was delivered at an early stage of the contract as part of a phased handover. The Kitchen and Restaurant areas are heated via an air conditioning system comprising of central plant units and mechanical extract ventilation. A rooftop mounted air handling unit supplies the adequate air changes and temperatures to maintain the thermal comfort of the space while extracting the foul smells created within the area.

Project Features

  • Similar complexity
  • Occupied Building
  • Phased Works and Completion
  • Refurbishment Works
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