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Client: North Eastern Education and Library Board

Bangor Library is a grade B1 listed building situated on the Hamilton Road in Bangor.

The building is located on a busy main street and deliveries along with management of the communal areas required great detail and team work form all members of the construction team. The library contract consisted of a three storey extension. The existing Library building was to be preserved / refurbished and therefore the existing flooring and finishes had to be protected. The external facade had to be restored to its original state and at no point where the services to be seen from the outside. With the end use of the building in mind we had to pay particular attention to the generation of noise and acoustics.

The building was designed with multi services included new under floor heating to public areas and low velocity ventilation to all areas. With the existing structure being in place the services between trades had to be carefully coordinated to ensure that potential clashes were avoided, and that all services required the minimum openings in the structure. This reduced the possibility of weakening the joists.

The mechanical services where distributed from a main central boiler house. This plant area housed the air handling plant which supplied the communal library area.Download project document