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Ardoyne Youth Centre

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This project is located centrally in the Ardoyne area of Belfast in a residential area. The building comprises two floors and has been finished to a high standard. The mechanical services installation comprised of a boiler feeding an under floor heating system with the domestic hot water provided by a direct gas fired water heater. The under floor heating system is the only source of heat inside the building and provides a comforatable and cosmetically pleasing installation to the occupants of the building. As the building is occupied for long hours on a daily basis, this type of heating system is cost effective with the lower temperature involved with an under floor heating system. There are four separate manifold points for the under floor heating with individual control panels and mixing valves incorporated to provide the most efficient type of under floor heating system available. Each of these circuits is controlled from a main control panel for the building that is located in the plant room. Extract ventilation is installed in all toilet areas to discard any foul smells and are controlled by PIR sensors in each room.

To complete this project successfully we were required to co-ordinate regularly with all of the construction team whilst installing our services, as a result of this we have been successful with all items situated in appropriate positions for ease of access.

Project Features

  • Similar complexity
  • Occupied Building
  • Phased Works and Completion
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