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Client: Almac Group

This Project involved the installation of mechanical services within a large conditioned warehouse. The product within the warehouse must be maintained at 20oC +- 5oC at all times.

To achieve this we designed a Air Handling System which distributed tempered air into the warehouse via a series of Ductwork. The AHU was located externally and was supplied with LTHW and Chilled DX cooling from externally mounted plant. As part of the existing warehouse was occupied we had to coordinate closely with the client and design team to get the commission up of our new system completed without disruption to the existing conditions.

Part of the clients stipulations were that 1000 pallet spaces were to be fitted into the warehouses. To achieve this we produced a 3D walk through to demonstrate that the ductwork and associated services did not restrict access to the pallet spaces.

The Existing Building fabric and services were refurbished and modernized. The project was completed to a high standard to the client's satisfaction.

Project Features

  • Similar complexity
  • Occupied Building
  • Phased Works and Completion
  • Refurbishment Works
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