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Almac Level 4 - Portadown

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Client: Almac Group

This project consisted of the complete lab fir out of the vacant Level 4, of the already occupied 5 storey Almac House. Mechanical Services included the installation of new Air Handling plant located on the level 5 Plant room directly above. A system of galvanized ductwork carried tempered air to the lab areas below. A series of fume cupboards were installed within the labs, each fume cupboard was provided with an extract, which was ducted using PVC ductwork and fans. There are also specialist gases installation including N2, Co2, Vac and ECA as well as Prcoess Cooling Water.

All above services were taken from existing supplies already on site, it was crucial that the existing site services were maintained at all time and uninterrupted. To Compliment the lab areas, write up areas were constructed to facilitate the administration personnel. These write up areas were provided with ceiling void mounted fan cowl units which delivered close control temperature conditions for the staff.

Permit to work systems and method statements were implemented as a control measure to ensure no unauthorized service interruptions. The commissioning / validation of the labs were achieved and the project was a success.

Project Features

  • Similar complexity
  • Occupied Building
  • Phased Works and Completion
  • Refurbishment Works


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